Scourge: Outbreak Free Update Released, Details

Tragnarion Studios has announced that Scourge: Outbreak just got a huge free update on Steam, including Multiplayer bots for Deathmatch and Team deathmatch as well as 3 new maps were added.

Scourge: Outbreak Free Update Released, Details

The three new maps description:

Conflux: This is a sacred place for Nogari. The founder of Nogari Corporation, Akemei Ayumu, is buried here. This area is mainly used to give some peace to the mind, body and soul. A small open map, with wide high areas for sniper lovers and some shotgun mayhem corridors as well. Works in all multiplayer modes.

Outpost: This air defense bunker was going to be the first line of defense for the Nogari Army. Looks like Tarn managed to attack before the place was ready, but the “will” of the Nogari soldiers can never be broken. This maps has so many different heights, that makes it unique between the rest of the Scourge multiplayer maps. Players will also need some skill to reach certain areas and it’s a hell of a lot of fun in CTF. Works in all modes.

Vendetta: This Nogari port was the first area attacked by Tarn. This cargo harbour is a maze and Nogari tries to stop the enless waves of Tarn Pods striking the island. Short distances, nice vertical combat and a mini maze to have some shockwave fun. Works in DM & TDM.

Scourge: Outbreak Free Update Released, Details

Below are the full update notes:

  • Cross-hair now changes back to default color (white) when enemy is dead
  • When launching for the first time in full-screen mode the monitor’s current resolution will be used instead of the default resolution. Fixes start-up black screens noted by some players and minimization to the task-bar on launch.
  • Game will not process input if Steam overlay is closing. Fixes the ESC button issue when closing the overlay which also (unintentionally) closed the currently focused game UI scene.
  • Potential MAC fix for gamepad issue addressing inverted mappings. Not a final fix though, so please provide feedback on this!
  • Resume’ button issue noted by some players now fixed.
  • Searching for a Co-op game will now always show the Server List. If there are no available games, the list will be empty and you’ll get a ‘No games found’ message.
  • Max number of Bots (up to 7) now configurable in Pre-Game Lobby. Note that for Public games this defaults to 7 and cannot be modified.
  • Bots now use Shockwaves more effectively. Previously they would often do Shockwaves after killing their target, and Bots with the Static Shockwave would often activate it before the target was in range.
  • In TDM, Bots previously would sometimes stand still and not do anything until the Player had engaged an enemy. Now they should begin moving and searching for enemies right away.
  • Bots now have more varied inventories. Previously they all had the Firefly Submachinegun and the Piranha Pistol. Now some characters have Reaper Assault Rifles and Barracuda Shotguns.
  • New fix for Audio crash experienced by some users (thanks slimak), which should resolve some of the crashes.
  • New Controls option to disable Gamepad Button icons even if you have a Gamepad connected.
  • Matchmaking for a Public Versus (multiplayer) game now doesn’t wait so long before creating a game even if you don’t find other players. It used to wait 3 minutes, but now it should be between 1 and 2 minutes.
  • Players can join private games from the friend list without having to receive an invite first.
  • Graphics options let you scroll down to the custom values. Once user selects a custom value, ‘Level of Detail’ will be changed to ‘Custom’ automatically.
  • Fixed several cover bugs in all maps.
  • Alt+F4 crashes fixed
  • Very rare audio crash fixed
  • Reduced pause time between AI shotgun bursts
  • Bots currently work as intended in Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. There’s no bots on Capture the Flag.

Known issues:

  • Bots don’t use the Shield ability. Please note that even though the AI uses the Shield in the Campaign, making them use it in Multiplayer could potentially be very complicated and we cannot guarantee getting this to work in the future.
  • Bots currently do not pick up any weapons. They start with their default inventory (slightly different per character) and have infinite ammo.

You can also find out more information about Scourge: Outbreak by going to the official Facebook page and you can download Scourge: Outbreak on Steam.

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