Scourge: Outbreak Review for PC

Note: The review below the picture is the same as the Xbox 360 review of Scourge: Outbreak, as the game is a port. However, we have listed some of the differences that we noticed between the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game.

Reviewing the game on PC (playing with graphics set to Ultra), we noticed how much smoother some of the animations were, along with increased quality of texture and materials. Players should notice a slight increase in the quality of graphics and ease of character control. As far as Multiplayer, the developer added the “Any” type selection choice, to make Matchmaking much easier. The choices for Multiplayer are now: Any, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag.

If you don’t have an Xbox 360 but would like to play Scourge: Outbreak, buy it right now on SteamScourge: Outbreak Ambrosia Bundle for $8.09 (10% off) or Scourge: Outbreak Death Squad 4-Pack for $22.49.

Spectacular Remake Scourge Outbreak Press Release and Surprise for Community


Tragnarion Studios, a gaming studio out of Palma de Mallorca, Spain, set out on a quest to make upgrades to their game The Scourge Project, and the game Scourge: Outbreak was the result. Below is our review of the game, along with different factors of the game such as gameplay, multiplayer, etc…

With Unreal Engine 3 being used to create Scourge: Outbreak, some details of the overall graphics were very nice. For example, when looking out the windows during the first part of the game, you can see the sun rays beaming through the windows, and adjusting as you move your character. Also details such as glass dynamically breaking as you or your enemies shoot through it were a nice touch to see when playing the game. However, some textures may not look as good as their potential, such as the metal floors and walls during the training session. Overall, the graphics were a 3.5 / 5.


The sound was a great feature of the game, and made the player feel as if they were inside the game. From your teammates talking to you while you are moving to the sound of the bullets breaking through glass or hitting walls, the sound was very detailed, and seemed as if a lot of time were put into it. For the sound in the game, we gave it a 4.5 / 5.

Player controls for the game were pretty simple, with more complex controls being explained thoroughly throughout the game. On the main menu, there is even a help menu with a document that shows players how to use every single player move that the game has to offer. Also at the beginning of the game, a tutorial mode allows players to learn how to shoot, take cover, and use their ambrosia suit for a variety of moves. Overall, we game the controls a score of 4 / 5.


Tragnarion Studios promised up to 8 Players in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag multiplayer Versus modes in 5 action-packed maps, and they delivered. There are a large variety of options for multiplayer, whether it is playing with random people, playing against random people, or playing co-op mode with friends. Another feature we were impressed with was the fact that players can play with a random player, and play from any checkpoint through out the game. Overall, with the features for multiplayer, we gave a score of 4.5 / 5.

The gameplay within Scourge: Outbreak is impressive. After picking the member of Echo Squad that you wish to control, the other three members are then controlled by AI, and they help you throughout your missions. Your squad will even revive you if you come close to dying. The Nagari troops, your enemies, will take cover, and try to kill you to stop you from completing your mission. The only complaint we had with the gameplay was that sometimes an enemy would vault over whatever was covering them, placing them into a wide open area for the player to kill very easily. Also, it may take a lot of ammo in order to kill one enemy. However, with the variety of weapons that are available, players can determine whether they wish to fight from far away or from up close. Overall, we gave the gameplay a 4 / 5.


With the four members of Echo Squad (Amp, Mass, Shade, and Stonewall) being available to play, there are multiple storylines to choose from. Even though the missions are the same, key details of each of the members’ pasts are revealed as you advance further in to the story. This makes each gameplay experience a little different than the previous one. Also throughout the story, your teammates talk to you, and you feel as if you are not just shooting enemies all by yourself, but rather that you are in Echo Squad. Overall, the storyline is a 4.5 / 5.

With Tragnarion Studios only being around a 20+ person team, the overall effort by them was seen and felt, as Scourge: Outbreak was an enjoyable experience. For only costing $8.99 (discounted now for $8.09), the game’s return on value is great. The overall gameplay feels like a mix between Mass Effect and Gears of War, yet the game is unique. As Tragnarion Studios wanted it to be, Scourge: Outbreak is a huge improvement over The Scourge Project. Overall, we gave Scourge: Outbreak a 4 / 5.

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