Scourge: Outbreak BOTS for Multiplayer Beta Update Now Available

Tragnarion Studios has announced that the BOTS for Multiplayer Beta Update for Scourge: Outbreak are now available.

Scourge: Outbreak BOTS for Multiplayer Beta Update Now Available


The developer has made a Beta update available for anyone who wants to try them out.

To use the Beta just follow these steps:

  • In your Steam Library, right-click on ‘Scourge: Outbreak’ and select ‘Properties’.
  • In the new window, select the ‘Betas’ tab.
  • Where it says ‘Select the beta you would like to opt into:’, select “beta_bots – Bots_Beta – Work In Progress” and then close the window.
  • Your copy of Scourge: Outbreak should begin downloading the Bots Beta update.
  • Once the download is complete. Just start the game as normal.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • While you are playing the Bots Beta, you will NOT be able to see or play with players who are NOT playing the Bots Beta.
  • You CAN play with other players who are playing the Bots Beta. If there are public games in progress with spaces available (ie. less than 8 players), you should be able to find and join them via matchmaking.
  • You can switch back to the non-beta version at any time.
  • Since this is just a test, we haven’t re-built all lighting in the modified maps, so the lighting might be a bit inconsistent in some places.
  • This is the first version of the Bots functionality, so you will almost certainly see some issues. See the list of known issues below, but please consider letting us know in this thread if you see any bugs, problems or possible improvements that are NOT included in the list of known issues.


Known issues:

  • Bots don’t use the Shield ability. Please note that even though the AI uses the Shield in the Campaign, making them use it in Multiplayer could potentially be very complicated and we cannot guarantee getting this to work in the future.
  • Sometimes, on some maps, the Bots will stand still at the beginning of the round until at least one player starts fighting with enemy Bots.
  • If you switch teams, the Bots do not currently switch teams to maintain fair teams.
  • Bots sometimes activate the Static Shockwave when there is no enemy within range.
  • Bots sometimes activate Shockwaves AFTER their current enemy dies.
  • Right now Bots are enabled by DEFAULT. If you want to turn them off, you can only do so if you run the game in ENGLISH. In any other language, the option for turning Bots ON/OFF will be blank. This will of course be fixed.
  • Bots currently only work in the 5 core maps (Crash, Gauntlet, Override, Perimeter and Showdown), not in the 6 ‘Blindside’ DLC maps (Backbone, Epsilon, Intrusion, Nexus, Omega and Station). We will include support for these DLC maps later on.

The following is a list of fixes that are also included in this Beta:

  • Cross-hair now changes back to default color (white) when enemy is dead
  • When launching for the first time in full-screen mode the monitor’s current resolution will be used instead of the default resolution. Fixes start-up black screens noted by some players and minimization to the task-bar on launch.
  • Game will not process input if Steam overlay is closing. Fixes the ESC button issue when closing the overlay which also (unintentionally) closed the currently focused game UI scene.
  • Potential MAC fix for gamepad issue addressing inverted mappings. Not a final fix though, so please provide feedback on this!
  • ‘Resume’ button issue noted by some players now fixed.
  • Searching for a Co-op game will now always show the Server List. If there are no available games, the list will be empty and you’ll get a ‘No games found’ message.

You can also get all the details for Scourge: Outbreak PC Patch 1.103 here.

You can also find out more information about Scourge: Outbreak by going to the official Facebook page and you can download Scourge: Outbreak on Steam.

What did you think about the BOTS for the multiplayer beta? Let us know if you’ll be trying it out.

Source: Steam