Watch the Social Gaming Network Clip on BBC, a gaming social platform, launched in private beta in February to give gamers and games around the world their own beautiful one page online profile and centralized feed of updates. Drawing similarities to popular platforms like Linkedin, Klout, and BandPage, is focusing on the $76bn gaming industry, which is growing at 9% per annum.

Watch the Social Gaming Network Clip on BBC

Now, BBC has released a clip featuring the new social gaming platform. Here is what they had to say:

But if you have not signed up for a network yet, new kid on the block is very promising. As well as linking you with other players it automatically streams all your updates from platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. It is in invite only BETA right now but we have secured a code to set up your own page. It is BBCCLICK

Take a look at the clip below (around 1.22 seconds);

Have you joined yet?

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Source: BBC