is New Gaming Social Platform Launching Today in Private Beta

In a press release issued to us today, Mynt Labs out of Dublin, Ireland has announced that they will be launching today in a Private Beta., a new gaming social platform, launches in private beta today to give gamers and games around the world their own beautiful one page online profile and centralized feed of updates. Drawing similarities to popular platforms like Linkedin, Klout, and BandPage, is
focusing on the $76bn gaming industry, which is growing at 9% per annum*.



Sean Fee, Co-Founder and CEO said,

“Gamers are becoming artists, much like musicians and actors, and we felt it was about time for them to get their very own BandPage or IMDB style platform. At the moment players and some games companies can be found across multiple sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Twitch but we wanted to create a central profile that shows off their talents, links out to all their social and playing accounts and updates all their followers on what they’re up to, in one place”.

Features of include:

• One page profile pages for players and games, featuring:

  • Beautiful design and setup in 1 minute;
  • Videos from YouTube and Twitch;
  • Follow and message other gamers;
  • Post to your feed or other social and gaming accounts all in one place. 

Centralized feed

  • Follow your favourite players and games and get all their
  • updates in one place (whether they upload a new Twitch video
  • or simply post an update to Twitter);

• Competitions;
• Early access to new games;
• Invitations to launch events in your area; and
• Access to gaming related jobs.

With the likes of Riot Games announcing that they get more than 32 million active players of League of Legends per month and that they got as many viewers tuning into the Twitch live stream of the Season 3 World Championships, there is no doubting the size and attraction of the online gaming space. Sean Fee adds,

“We’re currently in discussions with a number of gaming companies and indie developers to create partnerships that will give real additional value to all the players on our platform. We’ll also be launching our mobile app within a few months”.

We’ll be giving out Private Beta codes shortly in random to those of you who would be interested in trying out Just leave us a comment below to be eligible.

Source: Press Release, Facebook