Square Enix Collective New Dark Flame Trailer

Square Enix Collective New Dark Flame Trailer

Square Enix Collective has released a new trailer for Dark Flame.

Dark Flame by Warren Smith is a 2D Action-RPG or otherwise known as a “Metroidvania”. This game has been in development by myself for a little over a year and a half. I am planning on turning to Kickstarter to hire on a few professionals to polish up this game and get it to the players (you) as soon as possible. Unfortunately, hiring people who are good at what they do, is a bit expensive. With your help, the developer can turn Dark Flame from a dream, to a reality and could really use your support in backing this project! VOTE NOW


  • Large, Themed Environments:  Action-packed Metroidvania-style gameplay with personally created rooms and environments.
  • Determine Your Destiny:  Choose whether to persevere with good faiths, or succumb to the darkness in this diverse storyline.
  • Customizable Gameplay:  Unique level-up system with unlockable talents and spells.
  • Original Soundtrack:  inspired from old “-vania” titles.
  • Hidden Rooms and Secrets:  Large, maze-like environments consisting of upgrades and hidden items!
  • Progressive Storylines:  Obtain new powers to progress through the game and learn of the darkness that dwells within the realm.
  • Hidden Spells:  Some weapons and items contain an unlockable power via specific inputs.
  • Steam Greenlight:  Planned to be released on Steam.


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Source: SquareEnixCollective