Square Enix Collective Needs Your Feedback on 4 New Titles

Square Enix Collective Needs Your Feedback on 4 New Titles

Three RPGs and a tower defense game are this month’s pick on Square Enix Collective… Intrigued? Can you help these indie devs with feedback and Help Make Something Awesome?

Take a look at the following projects and see if you’d like to support any of them:


Square Enix Collective Needs Your Feedback on 4 New Titles
Legacy of the Copper Skies
  1. Legacy of the Copper Skies – by Horrible Unicorn Game StudiosLegacy of the Copper Skies is a classic 2D action adventure game set in both the dark, industrial world of Grimstad and the lush, verdant Ebura. No one knows exactly who or what caused the Cataclysm, but what we do know is that what were once two worlds are now permanently forged into one. Players must take control of Tir and Isen, the keepers of each world, and embark on a journey to solve the mysteries surrounding the incident. Together they must fend off enemies corrupted by a strange yellow ooze, solve arcane puzzles, and protect the World Cores form being destroyed if there is any hope to stop their worlds from being annihilated. Will they learn to work together in time, or will everything be destroyed?  VOTE NOW

    Square Enix Collective Needs Your Feedback on 4 New Titles
    Memories of Aeldaria
  2. Memories of Aeldaria – by Grand Arc Design. The game is a 3D action-adventure role-playing game. In it you take control of the mighty heroine on a journey to uncover the past, battle vicious demons, solve puzzles, and dive into a rich and very carefully crafted world of lore and intrigue. Memories of Aeldaria will be unique in how it approaches many aspects of play. Our planned story is deep and engaging. We also will have sound that is perfectly crafted add to the immersive experience, the combat should be fun but will also include some unexpected twists, and the game will be visually sculpted to bring all of these elements together.  VOTE NOWDark Flame Gaming Cypher
  3. Dark Flame – by Warren Smith. Dark Flame is a 2D Action-RPG or otherwise known as a “Metroidvania”. This game has been in development by myself for a little over a year and a half. I am planning on turning to Kickstarter to hire on a few professionals to polish up this game and get it to the players (you) as soon as possible. Unfortunately, hiring people who are good at what they do, is a bit expensive. With your help, I can turn Dark Flame from a dream, to a reality. I truly need your support in backing this project! VOTE NOW Square Enix Collective Needs Your Feedback on 4 New Titles
  4. Little War: Shatter of Serenity – by Mobile Co Studios. This game is a real time strategy game mixed with a tower defense style similar to PvZ, currently being developed for iOS, Android and HTML5. Choose between the noble Draxians and the fierce Naru to forge your destiny, face deadly bosses and enemy troops, immerse yourself in this adventurous story and start competing world-wide playing in heroic mode. VOTE NOW

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