Spoiler Alert Review for iPAD

This is the review for the iPAD version of backwards platformer Spoiler Alert by developer MEGAFUZZ and tinyBuild.

Spoiler Alert is a one-touch platformer that starts at the end and drags you right back to the beginning. The game is perfect touch-screen fodder, with hilarious gameplay and hand-drawn visuals that match the outlandish premise. Throw in 100 levels set across four unique worlds, epic boss battles, oodles of ridiculous upgrades, an original soundtrack from Roland La Goy, plus a SpeedRun mode for challenging your friends, and you’ll be unjumping and undodging with rampant enthusiasm.

Spoiler Alert Review for iPAD

Spoiler Alert graphics are vibrant, pleasing and have a hand-drawn effect. We gave the graphics a 5 / 5.

Spoiler Alert has a great sound, which takes you through level after level. The sound effects seem  to correspond just right with the jumping, running and hitting of enemies. We gave the sound a 5 / 5.

Spoiler Alert Review for iPAD


Spoiler Alert is all about timing. We loved the Chili Pepper playable character and had to think through every stage as we were running and jumping backwards. If we miscalculated one jump, we had to start over. We especially appreciated the fact that each level is a quick snippet of the entire game, rather than a prolonged event. Trust us – you will have to think through every stage as you are undoing the gameplay. We found ourselves wishing for a pause button in certain levels, but that would have taken the challenge out of it. We gave the gameplay a 5 / 5.

Spoiler Alert features very simple, one-touch controls. Just tap the screen when it’s time to jump or take any action. No glitches there. We gave the controls a 5 / 5.

Overall, Spoiler Alert is mega FUN!! Not only do you get to go backwards, you can actually feel your brain working to un-complete each and every level. Very fun, very challenging and we had a great time playing it! Put it on your Holiday list!


5 / 5


Spoiler Alert is out now and costs $0.99 on iPhone and iPad  on the App Store. The game will also be available for Google Play at the start of 2015.

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