Backwards-Platformer Spoiler Alert Comes to iOS on December 16

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, developer MEGAFUZZ and tinyBuild announced that Spoiler Alert will be coming to iOS on December 16.


  •  Spoiler Alert is a backwards platformer about avoiding time paradoxes
  • Classic platforming redefined, with simple one-touch controls
  • Boss fights, upgrades, 100 levels across four worlds, and a speedrun mode for challenging your friends
  • Spoiler Alert was voted Most Promising Game, and was nominated for Most Innovative Game, at Indie Prize Europe 2014
  • This is tinyBuild’s first foray into the world of mobile games

tinyBuild Games, the studio that brought you best-sellers No Time to Explain and SpeedRunners, will soon subject the iOS App Store to Spoiler Alert, a one-touch platformer that starts at the end and drags you right back to the beginning. The game will launch on the App Store on December 16.

The big bad boss has been defeated, you’ve collected all the coins, and the princess has been saved. Now it’s time to do it all again – but in reverse, making sure to uncollect every coin and unkill every enemy, to avoid any nasty time paradoxes. Don’t worry – there are no awkward virtual d-pad controls to be found here. Spoiler Alert keeps it nice and simple, with reverse-jumping a simple tap of the touch-screen.

This comedy platformer from Danish studio MEGAFUZZ, as honored at the Indie Prize Europe 2014 Awards, is perfect touch-screen fodder, with hilarious gameplay and hand-drawn visuals that match the outlandish premise. Throw in 100 levels set across four unique worlds, epic boss battles, oodles of ridiculous upgrades, an original soundtrack from Roland La Goy, plus a SpeedRun mode for challenging your friends, and you’ll be unjumping and undodging with rampant enthusiasm.

This is a particularly exciting release for tinyBuild, as Spoiler Alert marks the indie publisher’s first foray into mobile games. You can expect to see tinyBuild on the App Store more often in the coming weeks and months, as we have several mobile games in the works.

Take a look at the official game trailers:

Spoiler Alert will cost $0.99 on iPhone and iPad when it launches on the App Store on December 16. The game will also be available for Google Play at the start of 2015.

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Source: Press Release