Sentris 1.0 is Launching this Wednesday on Steam


Sentris 1.0 is Launching this Wednesday on Steam

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, Samantha Kalman, Director of Timbre Interactive LLC, announced that Sentris 1.0 is releasing on Steam this Wednesday, August 12.

Sentris is a musical performance game. Make your own music as you Drop, Recycle, and Stack “Sound Blocks” into a spinning loop. Freestyle with a huge degree of musical control. Or focus on achieving the goal and let your song emerge organically.

Key Features

  • Experimental music-based gameplay that enables personal expression and creativity
  • Deceptively simple, challenging, and deep
  • Play and Remix 20 levels with 12 musical voices, 12 key signatures, 7 musical modes, and up to 400 beats per minute
  • Freestyle to perform the game like a musical instrument
  • Export your loops to .wav and use them in other music/audio software
  • Endless mode with infinite musical emergence
  • Deluxe version with nine prototypes is available

And, take a look at the Sentris final form teaser video:

Sentris is available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux and will be available on PS4 in 2016.

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Source: Press Release