Sentris Alpha 2 Now on Steam, Heading to Indiecade

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher today, Samantha Kalman, Director of Timbre Interactive LLC, announced that Sentris Alpha 2 on now Steam and is headed to Indiecade.

Sentris Alpha 2 Now on Steam, Heading to Indiecade

This build includes several new features:

  • Tutorial
  • “Preview Block” Button
  • Four new Synthesizer voices
  • Selectable synthesizers on any level
  • Minor key signatures
  • Major Linux/SteamOS performance improvements
  • New colors for the Bamboo Forest background

Your game should update automatically when Steam is running. Please take a look, especially because it has the much-needed tutorial now.

Also, Sentris is an official selection at Indiecade. Samantha will be giving a performance of Sentris during Night Games. It will also be running at the Ouya booth during the days.

You can purchase Sentris today for $19.99 on Steam.

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Source: Press Release