MMORPG Gamers Social Network ZergID Enters Public Beta

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher, ZergID, a social network specifically for MMORPG players, announced that it is entering public beta.

MMORPG Gamers Social Network ZergID Enters Public Beta

Albrecht and Katz are longtime MMORPG gamers, starting with Star Wars Galaxies and Ultima Online respectively. They created ZergID to solve many of the communication needs of MMORPG gamers.
“We both have played MMORPGs for years — and suffered all the frustrations associated with trying to find and communicate with our gamer friends – especially after we had shifted to a new game,” Albrecht explains. “Our goal is to create a social network that targets the specific needs of MMORPG players, like us.”
Former World of Warcraft players that have lost touch with in-game friends and want to reconnect in Azeroth will find ZergID a valuable tool. Adding their character information will allow other users to find them and play together again — old friends that will help them quickly reach level 100 in Warlords of Draenor.

Key Features:

  • Reconnect with gamers they used to play with – By simply setting up a ZergID profile and entering characters from games they have played, members allow old friends to find them via a search through the network, while still keeping their personal info private.
  • Organize and access all their guilds and friends in one place – Guild pages are easy to set up, require zero maintenance and, unlike other tools offered for guild communication, all the social network’s features are completely free.
  • Easily schedule play sessions – A scheduling tool allows members to organize in game events via open invites to their friends, or set up events with RSVP invites where the organizer approves which responding players they want, enabling them to curate which character classes will be in the final party.
  • Send push notifications to other ZergID users – If a member needs to quickly get in touch with another player that is not online, he or she can send a push notification to that person’s smart phone via the Android or iOS messaging apps.
  • Connect and start conversations with other MMO gamers – via the news feed of events and commentary, which can be filtered by the games they play

You can sign up now for free on the official ZergID Beta website.

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Source: Press Release