Grey Goo Now Available on Steam

Developer Petroglyph Games and publisher Grey Box have announced that Grey Goo is now available on Steam.

Grey Goo Now Available on Steam


  • Vintage RTS Roots: Veteran developers Petroglyph Games bring hundreds of thousands of hours of RTS development expertise to the  game. They’re on a mission with Grey Goo to  create  the  perfect  RTS, removing the tedium and frustration and building on the excitement and strategy found within the genre.
  • Epicness Awaits: Play as three unique factions – the Betas, Humans, and Goo – that all come with their own style, strategies and use of “epic” units – very powerful, rare units that tower above others on the battlefield.
  • Seriously Smart AI: An adaptive AI built from the ground up and based on a NASA/JPL expert system concept that  offers a truly unique play experience and  almost infinite replay-value as every game is different, thanks to an AI that adapts to players techniques rather than running off scripts.

Here is the Grey Goo launch trailer:

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Source: Steam