Grey Goo Heading to Steam, Trailer and Screenshots

Developer Petroglyph Games and publisher Grey Box have announced that Grey Goo is heading to Steam.

Grey Goo Heading to Steam, Trailer and Screenshots

Returning to their RTS roots, Petroglyph’s Grey Goo offers vintage RTS gameplay with a focus on what players love about the genre. The original title takes the best and most fun aspects of base building, unit management  and tense warfare and melds them together  in new ways. Play as one of three distinctive factions while experiencing an immersive sci-fi story that unfolds throughout  the game’s single player campaign. Both single and multiplayer modes use a sophisticated creation system with multiple upgrades and unique attributes among the races that require well thought-out strategy.


  • Vintage RTS Roots: Veteran developers Petroglyph Games bring hundreds of thousands of hours of RTS development expertise to the  game. They’re on a mission with Grey Goo to  create  the  perfect  RTS, removing the tedium and frustration and building on the excitement and strategy found within the genre.
  • Epicness Awaits: Play as three unique factions – the Betas, Humans, and Goo – that all come with their own style, strategies and use of “epic” units – very powerful, rare units that tower above others on the battlefield.
  • Seriously Smart AI: An adaptive AI built from the ground up and based on a NASA/JPL expert system concept that  offers a truly unique play experience and  almost infinite replay-value as every game is different, thanks to an AI that adapts to players techniques rather than running off scripts.

Take a look at the new screenshots below:


And, take a look at the new video below:

Grey Goo will be available January 23 for PC.

Source: Official website and press release