BOID First Update is Now Live

Developer tinyBuild has released the first BOID update, which adds color blind and leftie modes, as well as numerous tweaks across the whole game.

Here are the update notes:

  • Added Color Blind Mode
  • Added Mute Chat Option
  • Animations of Single Use Abilities changed (freeze, teleport, etc)
  • Sounds turn off at end of matches
  • Fixed bugs regarding mini-map movement
  • Fixed bugs during loading of single player
  • Fixed path-finding on all maps
  • Music gets muted when the game’s window is inactive
  • Updated menu usability
  • Changed game icon
  • Added leftie-support
  • Fixed mouse issues in full-screen mode
  • Fixed graphical start-up issues
  • Fixed various crashes based on submitted reports (thanks guys!)
  • Changed turret behavior with fog of war
  • Fixed scrolling bugs in map selection
  • Fixed a bug that’d sometimes prevent you from choosing a map in rematch
  • Added server versioning, now we can create branched versions of the game with multiple back-ends, to test before roll outs

Take a look at the BOID RTS Turret Gameplay in Tripple Threat video:

BOID will be available for PC January 6, 2015 on Steam.

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Source: Press Release