tinyBuild Games Hires Former Game Critic Mike Rose

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher this morning, developer tinyBuild announced that they’ve hired former game critic, Mike Rose.

tinyBuild Games Hires Former Game Critic Mike Rose

tinyBuild hires former game critic Mike Rose to help expand its indie publishing efforts

The next game from the developer behind Contre Jour, Apple’s game of the year 2011, is about to launch on Steam. The tinyBuild mobile invasion is gearing up, with several mobile games on the way in the coming months And that’s all on top of the ongoing Speedrunners co-development, and tinyBuild’s move into the console space Speedrunners and No Time to Explain studio tinyBuild Games today announced the next step in its indie publishing push, with the appointment of Mike Rose as its new “in the know” guy.

Alongside its own in-house projects, tinyBuild has been treading the indie publishing waters for a while now, helping out on promising third-party titles like first-person gun-ballet Lovely Planet, backwards-platformer Spoiler Alert, and furniture eat-em-up Not the Robots.

Now tinyBuild is stepping up its publishing efforts, and has brought Rose on board to help guide the assault. Rose was previously a video game critic for eight years, writing for numerous high-profile outlets including Gamasutra, Pocket Gamer, Kotaku, Gamezebo, and more.

“I know the indie scene like the back of both of my hands, and the fronts of them as well,” Rose mused. “I started out writing about games due to my love for finding smaller, lesser known titles from new developers, so this move into more directly helping developers create the games of their dreams is simply my obvious next step.”

Developers who are currently seeking out publishing help, whether it’s funding or assistance on the marketing side, should fire Rose an email at mike@tinybuild.com, to see whether he can hook you up.

You can read Mike’s letter to the community right here.

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