Albion Online Releases Kay Update, New Trailer

Albion Online Releases Kay Update, New Trailer

Berlin, December 6, 2017 – Sandbox Interactive published the second major post-launch update for Albion Online today. The expansion named “Kay” is available from now on for all players of the sandbox MMORPG. The update is focused on innovations in Guild vs. Guild Battles, Territory Raids as well as a new mount category and much more.

Kay Update Key Features:

  • Season Mode for Guild vs. Guild Battles
  • Modified Territory Raids
  • New Battle Mounts
  • Enhanced Game Performance
  • Political World Map
  • Hardcore Expeditions
  • Extended Tutorial
  • New Expedition
  • And Much More!

Check Out the Albion Online Kay Update Trailer:

For a more detailed list of all the things new to the Kay update, please visit:

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