ALBION ONLINE New KAY Expansion Announced, Coming Dec. 6

ALBION ONLINE New KAY Expansion Announced, Coming Dec. 6

Berlin, November 29, 2017 – Sandbox Interactive is announcing the next update to their sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. The update named “Kay” will go live on December 6 and offers a vast number of additions, changes, improvements and bug fixes to Albion Online, with the focus being on innovations in Guild vs. Guild battles, Territory Raids as well as a new type of mount and much more. “Kay” is the second massive content update for Albion Online within less than five months after its launch.

Season Mode for Guild vs. Guild Battles

The most comprehensive innovations will affect the Guild vs. Guild battle system as Sandbox Interactive is introducing Season Mode. The first season will start as early as December 9 and will run over the course of three months. During this time, players will collect points with their guild for successfully holding resource territories or conquering enemy territories. At the end of the season, the accumulated points will be added to the final score, the guilds will gain fame and glory – and the guild emblem of the winners will be hoisted in Caerleon for the duration of the next season. On top of that, for as long as the guilds control the territories, they will receive a special currency which they can redeem for exclusive items or impressive new battle mounts.

The latter ones are being introduced along with other update news in this developer talk video:

Motivating Raids

At the same time, the Territory Raids provide a constant opportunity for guilds to compete in PvP battles. So far, players were able to raid the territories of enemy guilds to capture resources or even the entire territory. Now, the guilds can directly fight the energy-gathering mages of their opponents. That way, they can weaken the enemy, deprive them of valuable energy which they can purchase new weapons or items with, and in addition gain big points for the season rating.

On top of that, the Kay update will bring even more additions and improvements to the world of Albion Online. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Season Mode for Guild vs. Guild Battles
  • Modified Territory Raids
  • New Battle Mounts
  • Enhanced Game Performance
  • Political World Map
  • Hardcore Expeditions
  • Extended Tutorial
  • New Expedition
  • And Much More!

ALBION ONLINE New KAY Expansion Announced, Coming Dec. 6

For a more detailed list of all the things new to the Kay update, please visit:

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