Albion Online Details Fall Season and Halloween Special Events

Albion Online Details Fall Season and Halloween Special Events

Berlin – Fall Season has reached Albion Online, and shortly before Halloween, Sandbox Interactive is kicking off special events for the spooky season. The cities are now decorated with fallen leaves, carved pumpkins and all sorts of spooky props, putting the players in the right mood to tackle a number of autumn events.

As adventurers roam the lands during Fall Season completing tasks, they will find and collect Pumpkin Pips. They can be found, e.g., in camps, chests, the arena, on expeditions or in locked pumpkins which randomly appear near resources. The Pumpkin Pips may then be redeemed for special Halloween rewards or traded with other players.

The Halloween rewards at a glance:

  • A variety of Pumpkin Heads (grinning/sad/angry)
  • A Plague Doctor Outfit (Hygienic Mask, Coat, and Boots)
  • Skeleton Costume (Laughing Skull, Ribcage, Legbones, and Ragged Cape)
  • The Jack o’Donkey
  •  And the ultimate reward, the Horse Macabre

During the Halloween Event in Albion Online, which lasts until November 15, 2017, there will be additional events for the community. All information about the events as well as more details on the Halloween Event in general are available at:

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