The Zombiest Adventures Crazy Apocalypse Game Releases on Steam April 26

The Zombiest Adventures Crazy Apocalypse Game Releases on Steam April 26

What would happen if the zombie apocalypse had occurred in 1650? The Zombiest Adventures in The Perverted Age of Enlightenment With A Pinch of Woodpunk explores that possibility in a crazy game full of action and humor

It’s 1650, and for some reason the dead raised from their graves and, having nothing else to do, took over the world. The zombie apocalypse destroyed civilization, and the world now consists only of some settlements of the few surviving colonizers of America, a restored Aztec empire, bands of marauders and, well, the living dead themselves. Your small group of survivors will have to do everything it takes to survive, from robbing travelers to scavenging other survivors. As a bonus, you can use your own machine-musquet to blow some ghouls’ heads off, fly on hot air balloons and meet psycho circus actors. Not so bad after all, right?


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The Zombiest Adventure is an action RPG / survival game developed by Russian indie company ORGS Studio and published by Snowbird Games (Eador: Masters of the Broken world). Inspired by grindhouse, B-case movies, The Zombiest Adventure mixes action, combat and roleplaying with absurd humor and wacky comedy. Between zombies, Aztecs, clowns, ultra-Catholics and other factions, you will have to decide for yourself who is more raving mad, if the brainless zombies or those who survived them.

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But it’s not only about the comedy! Hunger is able to kill off the player and his group in a week. The continuous search for food will inevitably face the player before tough moral questions. The Zombiest Adventure features a dynamic world where the zombies are a global threat: depending on your actions they could actually take over the entire world without any hope. If the world would be any worse with zombies ruling it, that’s for you to decide.

The Zombiest Adventure is the first game developed by ORGS Studio, a young team from Omsk (Russia) and published by Snowbird Games (Eador franchise, Blood & Gold). The game has been developed using Mount & Blade engine, and it’s the first comedy game in the series.

The Zombiest Adventures will become available for PC on Steam for $14,99 / €14,99. on April 26, 2017.