Zombie FU: The Ultimate Running Game Soft Launch

Zombie FU: The Ultimate Running Game Soft Launch

LONDON /PRNewswire/ — Halloween is right around the corner. Some developers and gaming enthusiasts at Ingenuity Ware have taken the occasion to fuel up their games. Ingenuity Ware has a gamer’s treat for all the Zombie Fans and Zombie Game enthusiasts, a mobile runner game Zombie FU. Yasin Mirza and his team of developers at Ingenuity Ware came with the idea of Zombie FU which follows the story of a guy struggling his way to survive from the Zombie Horde. It was a usual day for the people of FU City, until a slight miscalculation in FU Laboratories unleashed a deadly virus which is bringing dead corpses back to life. Hell is unleashed in FU City with death worshipping forces of the Underworld preying on human flesh and gobbling up brains of the Living.

Zombie FU: The Ultimate Running Game Soft Launch

Zombie FU is a Runner game with campaign style missions, where in the player has to make a run for his life, having a Zombie gaining on him. On his way he comes across different terrains and scenarios including streets, graveyards where he has to dash, dodge, strafe and overcome obstacles that include road blocks, barricades, tombstones etc. To make the game more challenging the game also has a near to death encounters with the Undead. Of course, a Zombie game is incomplete without blowing up a few Zombie brains, use fireballs to lay hate on the Undead Scum. Some Zombies might require you to use a few extra shots and might get you in hot waters at times.

Hell has unleashed its vicious army spreading havoc in the city. Use Powerups the game is coupled up with on your way to salvation. These Powerups perform different functions like:

  • Motorbikes: Can be use to scoot the user for a certain distance and strike down zombies in your way
  • Jetpack: Use a jetpack to fly over the streets and collect coins in mid air
  • Skull Shields: This item shields you against Zombies, obstacles etc and blows away anything in your way

Apart from all of the above, the game has an easy to use and awesome UI and controls. Different zombie characters and attractive graphics and themes make the user stick to the game. Dominate the leaderboards by scoring more and completing missions. The game is free to play and will be out on iOS first and later on Android. The founder of Zombie FU has some special perks for the early subscribers of the game who visit their website and subscribe.

Watch the Zombie FU trailer:

If you want to know more about the game. Log on to the official website http://www.zombiefu.run for updates and insights on the game and subscribe on the website. Connect with Facebook and Twitter to get updates and information on Zombie FU.