Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny on OMEGA PATTERN Visual Novel

Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny on OMEGA PATTERN

Develolper Borokai Studio lets you determine your own destiny with its stunning visual novel, Omega Pattern, available now on PC and mobile. Omega Pattern offers a variable multiple-choice decision system. This means that both the number of decision points and the number of choices or options that you will find in those decision points may vary according to your previous decisions during the game.

About Omega Pattern:

The world where the Omega Pattern story happens is seemingly normal, similar to the one we live in. However, genetics and fate mean that a few individuals are born with a kind of Pattern or special brain signal which lets them develop unique and varied psychic skills that are determined by their life experiences, which form their behavior and character.

Your Decisions Determine Your Destiny on OMEGA PATTERN Visual Novel

Key Features:
  • Become the Main Character – Decide what to do in the most relevant moments of Shaiel’s past. This will determine his current personality and therefore his psychic abilities and the decisions that you will be able to take in the future.
  • 3 Story Lines – Access to 3 significantly different story lines, which means that you will have a high replay experience where you will find suspense, action, drama, comedy, horror and romance.
  • +6 Hours – The variable multiple-choice decision system that we have implemented for the first part of the visual novel can grant you up to 6 hours of gameplay or more.

Take a Look at the Omega Pattern Teaser Trailer:

Omega Pattern is available for PC (Steam, and for mobile on the App Store and Google Play.