Young Maryland Team Wins Super League Gaming World Championship in Minecraft for $15,000 Scholarship Prize

Young Maryland Team Wins Super League Gaming World Championship in Minecraft for $15,000 Scholarship Prize
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SANTA MONICA, Calif. — Five players from Baltimore, who make up the team Live2Craft, defeated over 450 other teams throughout the U.S. and Canada to win Super League Gaming’s World Championship in Minecraft, one of the world’s most popular video games. Aged 10 through 14, the young champions took home a shared $15,000 college scholarship in the second season of the international competition designed to bring gamers together to socialize and compete, face-to-face, in movie theaters.

For four weeks, the team competed at Cinemark Theatres’ Egyptian 24 in Hanover, Maryland, earning points in custom game mods that tested players’ creativity, critical thinking and teamwork during the competition that spanned 68 cities from Anchorage, Alaska, to New York.

Austin Humphreys (14, Pasadena, Maryland, a.k.a. Austinh2001), Trent Reeder (14, Severna Park, Maryland, a.k.a. Pluto_Orbit), Hutton Steier (12, Eldersburg, Maryland, a.k.a. Boonut22), Jaiden Irby (11, Bowie, Maryland, a.k.a. JBoogie_475) and Micah Green (10, Hanover, Maryland, a.k.a. spain134) topped the Super League Minecraft leaderboard in their first season of competition.

Julien Wiltshire, a 10-year-old player from Los Angeles, won the individual competition for the second straight season. A fifth grade student from Pacific Palisades, California, Wiltshire and his team competed at the iPic Westwood in Los Angeles.

For its third season, which begins April 30, Super League Gaming will be expanding to 95 cities in partnership with the top movie exhibitors in the U.S. and Canada — Regal, Cinemark, Carmike, Showcase, Metropolitan, Goodrich Quality Theaters, Landmark Cinemas (Canada), iPic and Studio Movie Grill.

Sign-ups are now live on and players are encouraged to invite friends to create their own teams or join an existing one.

“This is really about using new platforms to help kids develop their reasoning and collaboration skills,” said Ann Hand, CEO of Super League. “We work with schools and educators to incorporate STEM principles into gameplay, but walking into one of our auditoriums, you’d think there was a huge party going on. Players love the social gaming aspect of Super League, and parents are always moved by how much fun their children can have while doing something so enriching. ”

To see a complete listing of participating theaters and sign up, visit:

About Super League Gaming
Super League Gaming is the world’s first and biggest video game league that takes place in movie theaters worldwide. Bringing gamers of all ages together for a social, face-to-face gameplay experience on the big screen, Super League is establishing theater auditoriums as the ultimate place to play some of the world’s most popular games and compete to climb the international Super League leaderboards. The phenomenon started in Santa Monica, California, in the summer of 2015 hosting “theater mode” events (with the top 3 exhibitors in the U.S.: Regal, AMC and Cinemark) and the No. 1 game in the world, Minecraft. Super League is rapidly expanding its game library and reach to theater chains globally.