Yore VR Launches on Steam Early Access

Yore VR Launches on Steam Early Access

First Open World VR Medieval Sandbox Game Developed for the HTC Vive

Yore VR officially launches today in Steam Early Access at 12:00pm PST. The launch caps six months of development from a small team of developers known as TectonicVR. TectonicVR partnered with Ironbelly Studios, an indie game service provider based in Montreal, QC, to streamline the development process, which will continue throughout Early Access.

Within the game, there are three options for movement to enhance travel around the open world as players work to unlock weapons and resources needed for Blacksmithing and crafting.

Yore VR Launches on Steam Early Access

Yore VR Key Features:

  • Open World Design – A welcoming world, just under 1km x 1km, filled with beautiful trees chirping birds, beautiful deer, a river, lake and waterfalls awaits the player with a settlement situation in the center.
  • Blacksmithing – Semi-Realistic blacksmithing sim, with ingots to forge, heat up and hammer away. For launch, swords will be the only item that can be crafted however the type of sword that is made will be based on a player’s blacksmithing skill. This is calculated based on the quality of the ingot produced at the smelter as well as the accuracy of hammer strikes, the average temperature of each strike over the course of the blacksmithing process and perhaps the velocity of the strikes themselves.
  • Practice Forge – There will be 44 different components, blades, hilts, crossguards and pommels with thousands of possible crafting combinations. Components will be organized into 4-5 tiers from poor to epic, with poor being a run of the mill blade and components and epic being, well bloody epic.
  • Player progression and town building – Weapons and buildings can be unlocked by gathering resources and gold in whatever order the player decides. ¬†Once unlocked, buildings (such as the pub) can be upgraded over time, adding new features and benefits.

Yore VR is being developed in a partnership formed with TectonicVR and Ironbelly Studios. Ironbelly Studios Inc. is a creative and technical service partner that has worked with over 300 independent studios since their founding in 2009. TectonicVR is a small studio established in 2016, with Yore VR being their first title.

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