YEZZ is Launching a VR-Ready Android Phone

YEZZ is Launching a VR-Ready Android Phone

YEZZ will launch an Android phone that is VR 360 ready

The YEZZ Android device will include a virtual reality headset and software bundle that will allow users to experience VR right out of the box

MiamiOctober 5th, 2015YEZZ, a worldwide mobile brand, is announcing the launch of the Android phone, Andy 5.5VR, with software that will enable a smooth virtual reality experience right out of the box. The mobile brand is also offering a VR Google Cardboard V2 viewer to compliment the device so that users can better maximize the 360-experience.

“YEZZ wants to share innovative technology, like virtual reality, with the masses,” says Luis Sosa, co-founder of YEZZ, who was recently named one of CNET’s Top 20 Influential Latinos in technology, “By breaking down the price barrier of innovation, virtual reality will now become accessible.”

The Andy 5.5VR will have a Mediatek 1.3 GHz Quad Core chipset and will be an LTE device featuring a 5.5” HD screen, 13 MP rear camera and 5 MP front camera, both with flash.

“The VR 360 bundles will be available online and at participating retail stores where YEZZ is currently sold, with a variety of models with MSRP ranging from $249 to less than $99,” says Maurizio Festa, VP of Marketing,

The Andy 5VR will also have a 1.3 GHz Quad Core chipset and will be a 3G device featuring a 5” screen, 8 MP rear camera, and a 2 MP front camera.

About YEZZ                                             

YEZZ, a worldwide mobile brand, specializes in the creation of custom devices that bestow upon the world an ultimate mobile communication experience. YEZZ is ingenious and adaptable; seamlessly detailing, designing, and developing a tailored mobile experience. Beyond technological innovation, YEZZ is devoted to creating consumer empowerment within the world of communication. With a diverse portfolio of open market devices, YEZZ promotes the freedom of choice in the design of the individual mobile lifestyle.

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