Xsolla (USA), Inc. Launches $30 Million Xsolla Capital Royalty Investment Fund Focused on Independent Video Games

Xsolla (USA), Inc. Launches $30 Million Xsolla Capital Royalty Investment Fund Focused on Independent Video Games
(L-R) Xsolla Capital partners – Brett Brown, Aleksandr Agapitov, Dmitri Bourkovski (PRNewsFoto/Xsolla)

Xsolla’s latest venture will serve the fast-growing yet underserved niche of self-publishing premier video games

LOS ANGELES – Xsolla (USA), Inc. is excited to announce its newest venture, the $30 million Xsolla Capital royalty investment fund, which will provide independent video game developers with much needed capital to complete their games and access to innovative tools and markets worldwide to launch them in. The fund will reduce capital risk with quarterly royalty dividends from a diverse portfolio of games. With this unique business model that leverages the critical combination of Xsolla’s industry access, global reach, technology infrastructure, and deep market expertise, Xsolla Capital grants unparalleled opportunities to drive creativity and success within this untapped market. Game developers and interested investors can visit www.xsolla.com/capital to apply for funding or receive more information on investing in the fund.

“I am so pleased to launch Xsolla Capital as I have always been passionate about the gaming industry and finding ways to help smaller, independent game developers and publishers succeed,” said Aleksandr Agapitov, CEO and founder of Xsolla and Partner in Xsolla Capital. “By partnering with Xsolla Capital, independent developers will have the capital to finish their potentially industry-changing titles, and reaching diverse gaming audiences. In turn, investors will gain from the video games’ successes and grow this niche within the lucrative industry as a whole.”

With the unprecedented success of independent titles like Minecraft — with well over 100 million copies sold since 2011, and the growth of video game market revenues reaching $100 billion in 2016 — the consensus is that the market value will increase in revenue by 6 to 8% yearly for the next three years. Xsolla Capital will focus on the largely underserved independent game development and self-publishing sector as they cultivate unique and innovative properties with the exciting potential to shape the industry at large. Along with capital, the developers will have access to all of Xsolla’s menu of services from user acquisition, payment solutions, game store building and management and the #1 fraud protection in the gaming industry to international year-round customer support, marketing worldwide and in-depth data analytics/visualization.

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About Xsolla

Xsolla is an e-commerce platform for video game publishing and distribution, providing comprehensive storefront management, fraud protection, user acquisition, payment and billing services for conducting business on a global scale. Headquartered in Los Angeles, with offices in Seoul and Perm (Russia), Xsolla has been helping video game companies achieve financial success since 2006. With a majority of Free2play PC games using Xsolla products and services to maximize their international sales and better serve their paying customers, the company is also the merchant of record for major gaming entities like Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft, Epic Games, and Nexon. Xsolla was founded by self-made Russian-born businessman Aleksandr Agapitov, who has consistently been named one of Russia’s top young entrepreneurs since 2012.

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