XENORAID Vertically Scrolling Space Shooter Launching Next Week on iOS and PS Vita

XENORAID Vertically Scrolling Space Shooter Launching on iOS Jan. 12

Independent game developer 10tons Ltd. announced today that the vertically scrolling shoot’em up game Xenoraid will be launching on PS Vita (Jan 10) and iOS (Jan 12) next week. You can play the 10 first iOS levels and one of the three endless survival levels with the free version, provided you watch some video ads. There’ll be a single IAP to unlock the full game (about 40 more levels, two more survivals) and remove ads permanently.

The list price for the unlock IAP will be $9.99 USD, the same price the game retails for in Steam and consoles. However, the developer will run a launch discount for the first two weeks (through January 25th) at $4.99 USD.

10tons has been running Xenoraid’s iOS version in a closed beta since December, and feedback has been good. Apple also asked for promo art this week, so chances for a feature slot are good. They are also working on an Apple TV version, but it’s doubtful they will get it out simultaneously with the iOS version.

Watch the Xenoraid trailer:

Xenoraid will also launch the game for Playstation Vita next week (Jan 10 in US, Jan 11 in EU). The game is now available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on Steam and Microsoft Store.

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