XENORAID Vertically Scrolling Shoot’em up Game Now Available in Google Play

XENORAID Vertically Scrolling Shoot'em up Game Now Available in Google Play

Tampere, Finland, January 26th 2017 – The vertically scrolling shooter game Xenoraid by 10tons Ltd. is now available as a free download on Google Play for Android devices. The free version features limited content with video ads, and a single in app purchase to unlock full game and remove ads. The discounted launch price through February 8th is $4.99 USD, after which the regular price will be $9.99 USD.

“Xenoraid was received great on iOS, even gaining 10tons our first ever big banner on the App Store in UK and Europe. We hope the Google Play will be a success as well!” said Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd.

Xenoraid is a vertically scrolling shoot’em with a fresh take on the genre. Xenoraid’s gameplay is accessible to all action game fans and doesn’t require prior experience in shoot’em up or bullet hell games. The missions are driven procedurally, so there are no memorization requirements. Real time fighter and squadron management features give the game a strategic dimension, while three survival levels with online leaderboards provide replay value.

Xenoraid Features:

  • Experience dynamic shoot’em up action with no level memorization
  • Switch between four fighters in the heat of combat
  • Manage your squadron with weapon and tech upgrades
  • Master advanced shooting mechanics like fighter tilting and weapon heat
  • Fight through a Campaign mode with more than 40 missions and four boss fights
  • Compete in three endless Survival stages with online leaderboards

The game is free to download, with 10 campaign missions and one of the three endless Survival missions playable by watching video ads. The full game unlock IAP removes ads permanently and unlocks rest of the campaign missions and two more Survival missions.

Xenoraid is now available on Google Play, the App Store, PlayStation 4, Playstation Vita, Xbox One, and PC on Steam and Microsoft Store.

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