XCOM 2 Now Available on Green Man Gaming

XCOM 2 Ready for Pre-load Now on Green Man Gaming

Both Regular and Digital Deluxe versions of XCOM 2 available at discount on Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming has announced that it has added XCOM 2 to its catalogue, and will be offering exclusive discounts on both the regular and Digital Deluxe editions of the game. Currently selling both the standard and the Digital Deluxe edition, which also includes the Day-One Reinforcement Pack DLC, and the full game soundtrack. Included in all pre-purchases is also the Resistance Pack, as well as the ability to pre-load.

Offerwise, Green Man Gaming is running two offers at this time. In North America it’s possible to use a 23% voucher (XXCOM2-DIGDUL-23PERC​) on the Deluxe edition of XCOM 2. Around the rest of the world, using the voucher GREENM-ANGAME-25PJAN would provide a 25% discount on both editions of the game.

Exclusive to Green Man Gaming is coverage by Matt Gardner, who has recorded exclusive hands-on content for the game, as well as an interview with Lead Producer Garth DeAngelis. This coverage highlights the game’s improvements and gameplay, as well as goes into discussion about the development of the game.

Set in a world where the aliens won in XCOM: Enemy Unknown, XCOM 2 puts players in the role of a new XCOM, consisting of guerrillas that use hit and run tactics to destabilize the new world government, known as ADVENT. As with any new iteration in a series, XCOM 2 is adding a bunch of new content to the series, including new enemies, classes and weapons. Base-building and character customisation have been overhauled to provide an unprecedented level of personalisation in the series, as well as a whole new stealth system being added, which allows players to properly play the role of a guerrilla force, as seen in the gameplay trailer itself:

Developed by Firaxis Games and pubished by 2K, the team behind the much-loved Civilization series, XCOM: Enemy Unknown was released in 2012 to great acclaim. Critics and gamers alike praised the game for its punishing difficulty, rewarding combat and near unlimited replayability. A title that released on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, XCOM: Enemy Unknown brought the once-niche tactical combat into the mainstream eye, with over three million gamers owning the title on Steam at this time, which of course doesn’t include console sales.

When XCOM: Enemy Within launched a year later in 2013, it was clear that Firaxis had taken feedback to heart, on what worked and what didn’t work in the original release. Filled with bug fixes and quality of life improvements, it was clearly showed how Firaxis learnt from feedback and criticism at the original release. Adding in the ability to genetically and physically modify your character’s, XCOM: Enemy Within also explores trans-humanism, which is a more and more commonplace theme in modern video gaming.

Now, with XCOM 2, it’s clear that they’ve done even more of just this. Abandoning console releases, and making XCOM 2 a PC exclusive, Firaxis are now able to focus on making the best game they can as they’re able to take the full power of the PC on board, which allows them to provide much improved graphical fidelity and modability through the Steam Workshop, as well as the ability to focus entirely on creating the best experience possible for the platform.

You can download XCOM 2 right now at Greenman Gaming and Steam.

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