Xbox Originals Officially Named as Xbox One TV Programming

Microsoft has officially named the new Xbox One TV programming as Xbox Originals.

Starting this June, Xbox Originals for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and other Microsoft devices, will feature “premium dramas, comedies, documentaries, animation, unscripted shows and live events.’

Take for example, the Atari Dig documentary that was released today as well as the Steven Spielberg and Ridley Scott attached to two separate scripted projects based on the “Halo” franchise.

President of Xbox Entertainment Studios, Nancy Tellem, said,

“We believe Xbox Originals should embrace the way our fans think about traditional TV.”

“I know full well from my years spent at traditional TV networks that creating a lineup of hit shows isn’t easy. It’s the beginning of a long journey, but we’re incredibly excited to be on our way.”

Executive Vice President of Xbox Entertainment Studios, Jordan Levin, stated that,

“Microsoft has a long and rich legacy in the content business. Games have been part of our DNA for at least the last 15 years, and creating original TV content is a logical next step in our evolution.”

Director Steven Spielberg is shown on screen discussing his partnership on Halo the television Series during the Xbox One launch unveiling Microsoft's new Xbox in Redmond

The Committed Projects are:

  • Halo television series
  • Every Street United
  • Bonnaroo
  • Signal to Noise/Atari: Game Over
  • Humans
  • Halo Digital Feature


The Projects in Development are:


  • Deadlands
  • Extraordinary Believers
  • Fearless
  • Gun Machine
  • Untitled JASH Comedy/Variety Half Hour
  • Winterworld

What are your thoughts about Xbox Originals? Are you looking forward to the new programming?

Source: Xbox Wire