Xbox One – Top 5 Exciting New Features for Skype

Major Nelson from Xbox, has listed the top 5 exciting new features of Skype for the Xbox One.

The following is taken directly from his blog:

No. 5: Notifications

Now you’ll never miss a chance to connect with the people who matter thanks tonotifications that pop up when you receive calls and messages, whether you’re playing a game like Forza Motorsport 5, watching live TV, or doing Xbox Fitness.


No. 4: Wide View Camera with Auto Zoom and Pan

With Kinect’s new wide view lens and auto zoom functionality, the days of crowding everyone around the computer are long gone. With Skype for Xbox One, you can fit the whole family comfortably and easily into the frame so no one gets left out. And with auto zoom, the Kinect camera instantly focuses on the callers in the frame and will pan and zoom automatically to make your video calling experience even better.


No. 3:  Multitasking with Snap-Able Apps

Snap makes it easy to use two experiences side-by-side. With Snap-optimized apps working alongside Skype for Xbox One, you’ll be able to multitask while you’re on a call, so you can do things like check sports scores in with Internet Explorer or watch Star Trek Into Darkness (available to own now on Xbox Video) while video chatting with your friends.


No. 2: Video Quality

For all your one-on-one chats, Skype will deliver video quality that’s sharper than ever, with 1080p HD video calling1. This means you and the people you’re calling will be crystal clear, making your everyday moments even more memorable.Skype_XboxOne_1to1video_Framed

No. 1: Free Group Video Calling and 100 Worldwide Minutes!

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re offering Group Video Calling and up to 100 worldwide minutes per month for calls to mobiles and landlines in over 50 countries – free for six months with an Xbox Live Gold membership on Xbox One. Free Skype minutes mean you can order a pizza from the place down the street or chat with a friend around the world.Skype_XboxOne_Dialpad_Framed

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