Xbox One REVIEW for Dungeon of the Endless

award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios.

This is Gaming Cypher’s review for the Xbox One version of Dungeon of the Endless by award-winning indie developer Amplitude Studios.

At the start, we found ourselves crashing our spaceship on an unknown planet while very quickly realizing that we were not welcome. We also learned that our number one goal is to protect a power crystal while moving through dungeons filled with enemies and exploration. We were also given two crew members at the beginning of the game and were able to recruit a couple more throughout the gameplay.

While not being able to directly control the crew  members, we were able to direct them into which room to enter. If there were enemies in the surrounding area, our crew members would automatically fight them without any interference from us. We were, however, able to help heal our crew members as well as utilize special abilities. If all of our crew members died, our mission was essentially done, and we had to start over.

Xbox One REVIEW for Dungeon of the Endless

There is a great deal to do in Dungeon of the Endless besides fighting enemies such as costructing machines that generate food, science and industry. Food is highly important as it not only heals your characters, but also levels them up. Science and Industry work together as industry is utilized to build modules (such as turrets) and science upgrades them. You will also have to gather Dust (a basic resource) for your  power crystal, which gives empty rooms power and then stops the respawning of enemies in those particular rooms.

We must mention the online multiplayer in Dungeon of the Endless. This feature offers a fun gameplay option and works by each player being able to control one character. In addition, you will find that communication is key in order to survive and progress.

Now for the cons – Because Dungeon of the Endless was originally designed for PC while later ported to mobile (iOS), the Xbox One controls were not as smooth or as intuitive as we would have liked them to be. Also, while each level has its own theme, we found that there was not enough variation in the individual rooms and enemy encounters.

Otherwise, we found this fun, roguelike, retro-style game a great buy and rate it 4 /5. 

Take a look a the Dungeon of the Endless latest video:

Dungeon of the Endless is now available for PC on Steam and Xbox One.