Xbox One and PS4 Shipments Expected at $2.5-3 Million Each at Q4 2014

According to analysis by Robert W. Baird & Co.’s Colin Sebastian, Xbox One and PS4 shipments in Q4 2013 are expected to reach between 2.5 to 3 million each.


Sebastian said,

“Our shipment unit forecasts are slightly below consensus of 3 million or more for each platform.”

The figure is expected to reach bewteen $1.5-2 million each in North America, and while many analysts are giving Sony’s PS4 an edge in the region, Sebastian said the firm expects “similar or even slightly higher sales of Xbox One,” by the end of the launch window.

Baird & Co. utilized eBay as a gauge of popularity and noted that,

“Sales on eBay of Xbox One pre-orders average close to $800 (vs. base price of $499) and PS4′s close to $600 (vs. $399 base price) – both healthy premiums.”

PS4 will release November 15 in North America and November 29 in Europe while Xbox One will launch on November 22 in both regions.

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