Xbox One – New Infographic

Microsoft sent out emails featuring Xbox One’s latest infographic.

Specifically, the ad features that you can “play the way that you want to.”

Here is the breakdown:

  • You can buy your games on disc, or download them. Your downloadable games will be available to you on any Xbox One.
  • You can trade, rent, sell, gift or loan any game disc. It works just like it does today for Xbox 360.
  • You can purchase a game digitally and start playing while it downloads.
  • You can play games online or offline – it’s up to you.
  • You can check your favorite team’s score on Live TV, answer a call with Skype or go to grab snacks while in the midst of battle. With Xbox One – you can suspend and resume gameplay instantly.
  • You can sign in to any Xbox One and instantly access your personal profile, downloadable games, preferences and favorites.
  • With Home Gold, anyone in your family can access top Xbox Live Gold benefits on your Xbox One, such as multi-player and entertainment apps.

Xbox One will be released November 22.