Xbox Announces Landmark Deal with Time Warner Cable


Xbox just announced a landmark deal with Time Warner Cable in order to bring more live TV to Xbox 360.

The new partnership will deliver up to 300 of the most popular live TV channels to Xbox 360 for Xbox Live Gold members.

Likewise, the partnership will offer Time Warner Cable subscribers with an Xbox Live Gold membership the ability to watch their favorite shows from right from their Xbox 360. The channel lineup includes favorites such as AMC, BBC World News, Bravo, Cartoon Network, CNN, Comedy Central, Food Network, HGTV and many more. And unlike any other platforms, viewers will be able to control their entertainment by using voice via Kinect for Xbox 360.

Blair Westlake, the Corporate VP of Media & Entertainment Group at Microsoft said, “TWC TV is a significant addition to Xbox 360, bringing our customers their favorite entertainment in one place—enhanced TV experience, games, movies, music, sports and entertainment apps. Our partnership with TWC enhances all that is available on Xbox 360 today, which will we continue expand. We’re thrilled to offer TWC TV to U.S. Xbox Live members and Time Warner Cable subscribers.”

The Time Warner Cable-TV app will launch later on this summer. Viewer will be able to download it right from the Xbox Live Marketplace and then log-in with their Time Warner Cable credentials in order to start watching their favorite channels and programs instantly.

Mike Angus, Senior VP and General Manager of Video for Time Warner Cable said, “We look forward to introducing TWC TV to Xbox 360 and providing customers with this new viewing experience within the home. We are very excited about Microsoft’s vision for entertainment and the vast possibilities Xbox offers.”

What are your thoughts about this partnership?