Xbox 360 Nexuiz Servers Closed in Wait of 2nd THQ Auction

As the 2nd THQ Asset Auction nears, Nexuiz developer Illfonic has shut down its XBOX 360 servers. The auction is expected to take place April 15th at which point the game’s fate will be determined. (PC build is not affected). In the meanwhile. Illfonic will continue to run the PC version of Nexuis.

You can find the closure announcement on the Nexuiz Facebook page:

“As some of you know, the Xbox Servers are now offline. It was fun while it lasted on there and we are glad you guys enjoyed the game! Unfortunately, the Xbox Servers were controlled by THQ and in the current state, cannot be maintained anymore. Since the PC servers are different and can be controlled 100% by IllFonic, they will remain online and functional. Thanks!”

Illfonic also added: “Anyone who buys Nexuiz on XBLA would be sending money to THQ, not IllFonic, so we wouldn’t be getting any money to help with the server costs (which are really pricey). The PC costs are next to nothing outside of our daily operating costs, so it isn’t an issue for us to keep it running. If anyone has any complaints about getting points back/etc. they need to bring that up with THQ and not IllFonic – we don’t have any control over that kind of stuff. Nexuiz should be removed from the XBLA store soon (if it hasn’t already).”

[Thanks Eurogamer for the heads-up.]

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