X3: Reunion Bonus Package Now Available on Steam, Trailer

X3: Reunion developer, Egosoft, has released the strategy’s game Bonus Pack on Steam.

The X3: Reunion Bonus Package 3.1.07 contains all existing bonus plugins.

Items in Pack:

  • Afterburner
  • Attack Rocks
  • Cartel Capture Passengers
  • Cartel Shield Hacker
  • Collect Astronauts
  • Commercial Agent
  • Commodity Logistics Software MK1
  • Commodity Logistics Software MK2
  • Defend Position
  • Dock Ware Manager
  • Explorer Software
  • Fleet Support Ship Software
  • Group Management System
  • Group Hotkeys
  • Manual Trade Commands
  • Missile Defense Mosquito
  • Mobile Mining / Mineral Collection Software
  • Remote Transporter Device
  • Scrap Ship at Player HQ
  • Station Manager

You can view the game trailer below:

You can download the Bonus Package on Steam (download requires base game X3: Reunion in order to play).

Are you looking forward to playing?