X-Tactics will Have Playable Demo at Tokyo Game Show 2015

X-Tactics will Have Playable Demo at Tokyo Game Show 2015

Tokyo, Japan — September 07, 2015 — GAMKIN Inc., with main offices in Shibuya Tokyo, has announced that it will have a playable-demo, including the PC version shown for first time in public, X-Tactics (“Cross-Tactics”), an Episodic Location-Based Tactical RPG, that combines tactical gameplay with action elements, GPS-based urban exploration and live real world weather data, in a world of urban legends and conspiracy theories.


  • A unique Anime-like setting that combines urban-legends & conpiracy theories
  • Episodic story-line, with new chapters added every week
  • Hunt for treasure and critters nearby using location-based technology such as GPS
  • Real World Weather, Temperature, Moon phases, etc… directly affects combat
  • Original Active-Turn Based Tactical RPG system
  • Augmented Reality features that enhance gameplay and immersion

Take a look at the original video:

GAMKIN will have booths at the TOKYO GAME SHOW 2015 Indie Game Area and Smartphone Game Area between September 17th to 20th.


GAMKIN, is a small Indie studio formed by Industry veterans, and talented young creators. Established at the end of 2013. GAMKIN’s goal is to create “culture” through the communication that is born from playing games together. In this spirit, it is that GAMKIN’s first title X-Tactics leverages technology and media to create new forms of gaming and ways for players all over the world to play, communicate and collaborate.

Besides working on games, GAMKIN is also active working on interactive children’s television in Japan, and collaborating with local game schools and text publishers to help bring up a next generation of game developers.

Source: Press Release