World’s Worst PC Game SCHOOL EXAM SIMULATOR is a Runaway Success

World's Worst PC Game SCHOOL EXAM SIMULATOR is a Runaway Success

School Exam Simulator, a British game targeted at High School science students, has ‘attracted’ 10,000 student players in the last six months, with participants answering a staggering 15 million exam questions since January alone.

Developed by Murray Morrison, former polo player, tutor and founder of UK-based Tassomai, the online genre-defying ‘game’, has become a runaway success with kindly parents who have gifted it to their children in the lead-up to exams, which are now in full swing. Tassomai has also had its game endorsed by leading schools all over the UK.

Murray Morrison said:

“I’m thrilled that our revision program is doing so well with our target audience. I think we can legitimately claim that we are top of the gaming charts when it comes to school exam simulators.”

Tassomai is carefully designed to maximize a student’s probability of achieving an A or A+ in their science exam. Further subject modules are under development.

Morrison added:

“I guess we’re unlikely to win an industry award for our game, but students who complete the program are sure to reap rewards and potentially awards. Developing Tassomai has been a labor of love and I’m glad that after many years of development it is at last getting the support that I had hoped for.”

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