Worlds Adrift Ship Controls

Worlds Adrift Ship Controls

Developer Bossa Studios has released a new blog post for Worlds Adrift, detailing how they created the controls for the ships – pretty important, since you’ll be using those controls every time you play.

Here is what they had to say about it,

“Luke, our designer, with plenty of your comments on this blog as ammunition, suggested a different system: giving players the ability to yaw/turn, pitch up and down, and roll/bank, in addition to the forward/back throttle and the up/down lifting axis. With this many axes of movement, it could be quite overwhelming without a clear visual indicator on screen. So Luke designed the helm around a central control stick. Basically it functions like a joystick to control pitch and roll (the player controls this with the mouse), and it can twist to tell the ship to turn/yaw (the player controls this with A and D). Then you have the throttle to the right (W and S on the keyboard), and the vertical control on the left (Shift and Ctrl).”

You can read lots more on the official website.

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Source: Official Website