Worlds Adrift New Environment Art

Developer Bossa Studios has revealed new environmental artwork for Worlds Adrift.

Here is what the artist, Klaudia, had to say:

“I’ve been primarily focusing on making content for the game world: creating environmental objects like ancient ruins, metal wreckage, and rock formations. We wanted to show you guys some images of scenes built with these assets to convey the mood and feel of the game so far, allowing you to see the style we want to achieve.”

Worlds Adrift New Environment Art

“With simplified textures, color and lighting is now key to a more captivating and dynamic world. The dynamic lighting, and how it changes each environment, will give us a way to create different moods, to evoke different emotions in the game.”

Worlds Adrift New Environment Art

You can read the full blog post about what Klaudia had to say about the game’s new artwork.

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Source: Official Website