Worlds Adrift Freeform Multiplayer Detailed

Developer Bossa Studios has released new details for Worlds Adrift.

Here is what they had to say about it,

Our goal with Worlds Adrift is to have a vast dangerous world where everything feels physical and the systems have as few rules as possible to really push a more open, sandbox environment. There is very little ownership over everything in the game world. If you find an unmanned ship helm you can get behind the wheel; if you find a crate someone left behind on an island you can access it; if you die, your inventory will be dropped for anyone to pick up.

So you’re probably wondering how you own a ship? Well, players can build respawners and assign themselves to them, kind of like the beds in Minecraft. These can be placed on a ship and as long as you’re assigned to it you are considered a part of that crew. You will need a respawner for every crewmember, and players can only register themselves to one at a time. To feel safe on a ship after stealing it, you’ll probably want to destroy the respawners of the previous crew and hope you don’t die before you can install your own respawner.

Worlds Adrift Freeform Multiplayer Detailed

One thing we’re going to be working very hard on is preventing the game from turning into a griefer’s paradise. One thing we’ll be looking at carefully, for example, is player density: we want player encounters to be relatively rare. If you were a solo player who wanted to avoid running into other players, the way you build your ship would play a major role in that. A small, lightweight, speedy ship will allow you to outpace a battleship decked out with cannons and armour.

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