World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 to Release Feb. 24

Blizzard Entertainment announced that Patch 6.1 will release for World of Warcraft on February 24.

World of Warcraft Patch 6.1 to Release Feb. 24

The update features:

  • New chapter to Khadgar’s legendary quest chain – once you’ve completed the steps in Blackrock Foundry, Khadgar will continue in his mission to chase down Gul’dan by going after the Warlock’s most trusted minions. You’ll now be able to recruit an all new legendary follower, with a unique legendary trait.
  • The Heirloom Collection has been added along with some massive improvements to the Heirloom system. All Heirloom that were sold for Honor or Justice Points prior to Warlors of Draenor can now be purchased for gold. Once purchased, you can find them in the Heirloom Collection for any and all characters on your account. At first, brand new Heirlooms will scale to level 60, but you can upgrade them to level 90 or 100 using special tokens, which can also be purchased from the Heirloom vendors.
  • Racing is coming to the Darkmoon Faire. Once the Faire opens, you’ll be able to find the first race track by the Docks on Darkmoon Island. You’ll be racing against the clock, picking up powerups and dodging obstacles, to get the best time you can. The faster you complete the race, the better rewards you’ll earn, including achievements, toys and Darkmoon Prize Tickets.
  • New updates to the Garrison. A lot of tweaks have been made to the Garrison’s interface elements along with some new content. You can now earn a Platinum medal for an exceptionally good score in an Invasion.  In addition, a new Visitors feature has been added. Every day, an NPC will show up at your Garrison with a quest for you. Each player can have a different visitor at their Garrison each day. You’ll be able to visit a friend’s Garrison to do quests for other NPCs than the ones who are currently visiting yours. Rewards include pets, gear, crafting reagents along with items that will allow you to summon one of six new world bosses to fight in your Garrison.
  • The ability to share things you find in WoW on Twitter directly from inside the game has been added. You can enable this feature by opening your Interface options, selecting the Social menu on the left, checking the box to enable Twitter functionality and then clicking on Sign In. This will open a window to the Twitter website where you can log into your Twitter account. Once you’ve authorized this feature, you’ll see a small icon in your Chat window when you loot items, earn achievements or take screenshots. Clicking on that will open up the Tweet window, where you can crop screenshots and edit your tweet before sending.
  • More features have been added as well – there’s the updated Blood Elf model, improved colorblind support, several improvements to flight paths, and even a brand new, ultra-rare mount to be earned — if you can find it.

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