World of Warcraft: Brawler’s Guild – Patch 5.3 Promises Lots of New Content

Blizzard has confirmed that its World of Warcraft: Brawler’s Guild Patch 5.3 will deliver new bosses, a challenge card system and much more.

The Challenge Card system will give players a deck that can be activated anywhere in Azeroth. It will also whisk them away to a Brawler’s Guild quest where they can battle one of 12 new bosses.

The Horde’s VIP Lounge will only be accessible to high-ranking Guild members. Blizzard said that the lounge can be found in a zeppelin airship tethered to the Brawl’gar Arena, while Alliance players can find their VIP lounge in a roped-off room by Bizmo’s Brawlpub.

Are you excited about the new patch?