World 1-1 Video Game Documentary Launches Today on Steam

In a press release sent to Gaming Cypher by Daryl Rodriguez and Jeanette Garcia, who’ve put the World 1-1 video game documentary together, they announced that the film will be released today, May 19th on Steam.

World 1-1 Video Game Documentary Launches Today on Steam

World 1-1 is an independent documentary on the early history of video games.The personalities of the pioneers, the creations of the engineers, and the challenges, technology and business deals. See the games and hear the stories from the creators themselves. This is the story of how Atari helped create the games industry years before it should have happened. World 1-1 follows the lucky deals and unfortunate mistakes that almost destroyed the entire industry just as quickly as it was born. The film features Al Alcorn, Dona Bailey, Nolan Bushnell, David Crane, Joe Decuir, Garry Kitchen, Franz Lanzinger, Pete Lipson, Steve Mayer, Warren Robinett, Owen Rubin, and Howard Scott Warshaw. In addition to the creators at Atari, the film also features: Sam Claiborn, Rusel DeMaria, Matt Henri, Lee Krueger, Colin Moriarty, Patrick Scott Patterson, Jared Petty, Hans Reutter, and Peer Schneider.

The film was officially released digitally as a download and for streaming via VHX on January 15, 2015, on the independent filmmakers’ website.

Starting today, World 1-1 will be available on Valve’s Steam platform as part of Devolver Digital’s initiative to bring video game related films to Steam. The film will be available for streaming immediately via Steam’s video player.

World 1-1 Video Game Documentary Launches Today on Steam

On Friday, May 22, Steam will feature World 1-1 on the Main Capsule feature for 24 hours.

World 1-1 has received over 20 reviews since release, all of which have been positive with over 90% ratings on imdb and Rotten Tomatoes. World 1-1, a 100% independent film continues to expand into the marketplace and reach wider audiences. Being on the forefront of Steam’s film program is a wonderful opportunity for World 1-1 to reach more gamers and film lovers.

“As a documentary about Atari and the beginning of the video game industry, it’s as precise and passionate as the original minds who are interviewed. But moreover, it brings the glory days of coin-operated arcades to bleeping, quarter-clicking life. Whether you lived through this era or not, it’s a delight to soak in…By all means, this is a movie anyone with a substantive interest in games should watch. World 1-1 is a perfect balance of revelatory historical storytelling and geeky reverence that serves as a template for likewise efforts in the future.- Marshall Garvey, Last Token Gaming

“If you want to see interviews with people from the old days of video games, watch the independent documentary World 1-1 (2015).  It’s mostly guys, of course, but I’m in it for a few minutes.” – Dona Bailey, co-creator of Centipede in an interview with IGDA Women in Games

“A thorough and interesting history of an important media icon; an excellent mix of personalities; a clear passion for the subject” – Scott Beggs, Film School Rejects

World 1-1 can’t be watched enough. It’s a great take on the industry with well chosen subjects and a direct, to-the-point manner that most documentaries fluff their way around. The team of Garcia and Rodriguez certainly deliver on all fronts, leaving you excited to see what terrain they cover next.” – Robert Workman, RETRO Magazine

“As a document of an era that has become as influential in popular culture as any movie or music genesis, this is a tale that deserves to be told.” – Darren Carle, The Skinny

” It filled a need for a great gaming documentary that I hadn’t even realized was there. Needless to say if Garcia and Rodriguez decide to make World 1-2 I’ll be ready with my token.” – Wyatt Hnatiw, TechRaptor

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