WORCH Word Search Puzzles Now Available for Mobile

WORCH Word Search Puzzles Now Available for Mobile

Developer Thader Games out of Murcia, Spain, has announced that word search puzzle game, Worch, is now available for mobile devices.

Worch is a fresh and dynamic word search puzzle with tons of levels, handmade graphics and several game types (shuffle board, countdown timer…). It offers a lot of hours of gameplay for people of all ages.

Worch is a total new and different way for playing word search games. It encourages the player to explore the game content and keep him engaged while having fun and improving his spelling.

During the development phase the developer has done more than 500 user tests and 100 interviews, and is proud to say that Worch was rated over 4.4 stars in average with a lot of good comments.

Worch Features

  • Handmade graphics. The graphic design team decided to make the graphics by hand and then digitalise them, old school! They look great!
  • Unique gameplay in the genre. It offers a wide range of variations that make the player to keep engaged for hours!
  • Hundred of levels. More than 250 levels that will give hours of gameplay to the players!
  • Fresh and new progression system. It adds a degree of freedom and fun. It let’s the player explorer the game at its own pace!
  • Unique and fun PowerUps. For those moments that the player needs support we designed a range of helps for making his life easier.
  • Quick, Story and infinity modes. Three game modes that fit any moment of the day. The player can compete against other players in a infinite board or against himself in the story and quick modes

Here is the official Worch trailer:

Worch is now available for Android and iOS.

Source: Press Release