THROUGH THE WOODS Norse Horror Game Launching on Steam Oct. 27

THROUGH THE WOODS Norse Horror Game Launching on Steam Oct. 27

1C Company is thrilled to announce that the award-winning third-person Norse horror adventure Through the Woods will be ready to launch on PC on October 27th via Steam and other digital platforms, just in time for the weekend before the annual holiday of fear and horror! Anyone looking for a game to put them in the perfect mood for Halloween has no further to look than Through the Woods, “one of the most anticipated horror games of 2016” (IGN).

Play Through the Woods and win! The launch will be accompanied by a contest with dozens of prizes. Top prize is the ultimate gaming machine – an MSI VORTEX! A VR-ready, high-performance PC and the world’s smallest gaming cylinder. Follow them on Facebook for the latest information!

Through the Woods: Collector’s Edition comes with a digital artbook and the original soundtrack, and is ideal for those wanting to find out more about the Norse mythology that was the developers’ main inspiration. Open the artbook and see the game world through concepts, sketches and artwork; listen to the original game soundtrack and engulf yourself in the eerie atmosphere of the forest…¨

Here are the new Through the Woods screenshots:

Through the Woods will be launching October 27, 2016 for PC on Steam.

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