Wizards & Wagons Now Out on iOS

Wizards & Wagons Now Out on iOS

Developer Touch Dimensions has announced that Wizards & Wagons is now available for iOS.

To celebrate the launch, the prices for Touch Dimensions’ two other iOS titles (Autumn Dynasty and Warlords) will be reduced to $4.99 starting today. The sale will end on Thursday, November 19th.

In Wizards & Wagons, the Demon Lord has been defeated, and peace has returned to the realm — but this means that the resident Hero is officially out of a job. Armed with a small wagon, can you make a living in this new era? You’ll buy, barter, trade and sell goods in a vast fantasy world filled with villages, towns, kingdoms, and comical characters always ready to send you on the most ludicrous errands!


  • Buy and sell goods in a vast fantasy world
  • Cunningly exploit public gatherings and festivals for profit
  • Take on randomly-generated assignments from the Commerce Guild
  • Manage your inventory space with a Tetris-like system
  • Regularly upgrade your wagon and equipment
  • Defend your precious cargo from the likes of thieves, ogres . . . and even a massive world turtle!

Jeffrey Jiang (Co-Founder, Touch Dimensions):

“Games usually focus on the hero fighting some generic evil being in order to save the world. No one ever talks about what happens to the hero after the quest is over. We answer that question in Wizards & Wagons through pure, unaltered gameplay. Want to rebuy your house? You’ll have to work for it. Buy low, sell high. Protect the merchandise. Network. There’s so much to do in Wizards & Wagons that it’s hard to believe the game takes place after the main quest!”

Here is the official video:

You can now download Wizards & Wagons for $4.99 on the App Store.

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