Windward Launches on Steam

Developer Tasharen Entertainment has announced that high-seas sandbox action title, Windward, is now available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

Windward Launches on Steam

Game Features:

  • Thrilling Naval Combat – Battle pirates, NPCs and other players; raid the lands of rival factions and defend your own cities
  • Relaxing Gameplay – Explore beautiful uncharted waters, become a master merchant or establish peace as a diplomat
  • Cross-Platform Multiplayer – Form a fleet with friends for epic battles or peacefully sail the open seas together
  • Beautiful Procedurally-Generated World – A unique experience during every campaign filled with tropical paradises and frigid icy waters
  • Modifiable Map – Build new towns, disrupt stable regions and alter terrainDeep Customization – Three separate skill trees with 30 talents that players can put more than 100 talent points into

Here is the Windward release trailer:

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Source: Press Release