Will Slender: The Arrival Make it to Consoles?

Slender: The Arrival is currently set to release on the Mac, but Alex Tintor from Blue Isle commented: “We are really focused on the PC and Mac versions of the game for now; with that being said, we’d love to bring this to consoles. I think console gamers would really enjoy an experience like this.”

But when it came to the game being developed for mobile devices, Tintor said: “As for Android or any other form of mobile, we’ll only do it if we feel that we can rework and adapt the experience in a really meaningful way. I think if we were to copy and paste our PC game to mobile devices, players would be pretty underwhelmed. “It’s a wholly different medium that deserves a brand new approach to game design. So with that said, we’re going to take a wait and see approach and evaluate our options after the PC release.”

Would you like for this ultra creepy, Mac-based game to be released to other consoles? Let us know what you think.